We design and supply the world’s most effective systems for removing SOx and NOx (sulfur and nitrogen oxides) from the combustion flue gas produced by coal, NG, and LPG burning. These sulfur and nitrogen oxides are largely responsible for harmful air pollution.


Our systems use a new technology we call AO-FGDTM, which stands for Advanced Oxidation Flue Gas Desulfurization and Denitrification. An international team of scientists organized by AOScience Corporation in U.S.A. did the basic research on AO-FGDTM. It is the most optimal flue gas treatment technology available today. Until now, all available systems for treating SOx and NOx have been large, expensive and produced secondary air and water pollution. AO-FGDTM eliminates these problems.


We are the only suppliers of AO-FGDTM in the Peoples Republic of China. We supply flue gas treatment systems across China, which is struggling with air pollution stemming from the widespread use of coal for residential heating, and many industrial applications. The unavailability of cost effective treatment technologies has delayed government regulators from tightening standards, but AO-FGDTM can be economically and effectively used in small and large burners across a wide range of applications and fuels.


The Hebei Environmental Protection Agency has examined our AO-FGDTM and they believe it will allow industry to meet new and tight requirements. It will allow many small operators to avoid shutting down or replacing their boilers and factories.


We maintain R&D facilities in Shijiazhuang, XinJi, and Shanghai. Our head office is in Beijing and we have regional sales offices in several provinces.


Our lead investor is SB China Venture Capital Ltd, one of the most important venture capital managers, well known for its nurturing of Alibaba, a world leading e-commerce company.




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